Organic Trace Minerals as Yeast Proteinates

Guaranteed Analysis:
Iron, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Iodine, Chromium, Selenium as Yeast Proteinates and Iodine

  • Ensures better bioavailability of trace minerals in the body
  • Prevents trace mineral deficiency symptoms
  • Improves FCR and production
  • Improves fertility and hatchability
  • Fights stress and improves performance
  • Promotes egg size, egg shell quality and persistence of peak production in layers

  • Broilers                  - 500gm per tonne of feed
  • Layers<45 weeks   - 350gm per tonne of feed
  • Layers>45 weeks   - 500gm per tonne of feed
  • Breeders                - 1 Kg per tonne of feed
    • Ensure through mixing in feeds for best results.
    • Recommended for use during pelletization.

Package and Presentation:

10 kg paper poly laminated bag