Organic Trace Minerals as Yeast Proteinates plus Biotin

The Biotin Advantage:

  • Ensures embryo development
  • Improves hatchability
  • Prevents biotin deficiency in early chick life
  • Maintains skeletal development, feathering & skin health
  • Prevents fatty liver & kidney syndrome (FLKS)


Guaranteed Analysis:

Iron Yeast Proteinate,Manganese Yeast Proteinate,Copper Yeast Proteinate,Zinc Yeast Proteinate,Chromium Yeast Proteinate,Selenium Yeast Proteinate,Iodine and Biotin



  • For better bioavailability of trace minerals in the body
  • To prevents trace mineral deficiency symptoms
  • To improve FCR and production
  • To improve fertility and hatchability
  • To Fight stress and improves performance
  • To Promotes egg size,egg shell quality and persistence of peak production in layers
  • Minimization of early chick mortality in day old chicks



  • Broiler- 500g per tonne of feed
  • Breeder- 1kg per tonne of feed 
    • Ensure thorough mixing in feed for best results
    • Recommended for use during pelletization

Pack & Presentation:
10 kg paper poly laminated bag