Multivitamin Drops Enriched with Ashwagandha & DHA

VamVit-P Drops contains all the important vitamins required for healthy immune system and proper metabolic functions. It is fortified with DHA and Ashwagandha for better results.

Ingredients     Nutritional value per ml
Vitamin A   800 IU
Vitamin C   50mg
Vitamin E  16 IU
Thiamine     0.6mg
Ribiflavin   1.35mg
Niacin   4.0mg
Pantothenic Acid   4.0mg
Pyridoxine     0.5mg
DHA   0.2mg
Withania somnifera(Ashwagandha)   10mg
  • VamVit-P drops contain all the important vitamins required for healthy immune system during the growing stage.
  • Vitamin B helps in proper functioning of body metabolic functions.
  • DHA is a major brain building nutrient and a critical element in the development of vision and the central nervous system. It helps in maintaining alertness, vigor and vitality in the pet.
  • Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb which helps in strengthening the immune system and provides anti-inflammatory, anti-stress and rejuvenating properties.

  • For overall health and vitality
  • For proper growth and development
  • For effective immune system functioning.

Puppies    : 3-4drops twice daily
Dogs        : 0.5-1.5ml twice daily
Kittens        : 2-3 drops twice daily
Cats        : 0.25-0.5ml twice daily

Available in 30 ml amber colored PET bottle.