VamRes Forte

Immunomodulator, Antistressor & rejuvenator for Poultry

VamRes Forte is having immunomodulatory, antistressor, adaptogenic, rejuvenating herbs and also it boosts immune response, fights stress and rejuvenates the birds for better overall performance


  • Protection of poultry birds against various stress conditions by better adaptation
  • Minimizing the losses due to stress
  • Maintaining egg production, egg quality and hatchability
  • Maintaining specific and non-specific immune response


Liquid (Per day per 100 birds)

  • Chicks                        -    5 ml
  • Growers                     -    7.5 ml
  • Layers/Broiler finisher  -    10 ml
    •  Administer by mixing in morning drinking water



Commercial Flock:
500 gm per tonne of feed

Breeder flock:
1 kg per tonne of feed
    • .Ensure through mixing in feed
    • Recommended for use during pelletization


Available in 1 ltr and 2 ltr HDPE container & 1 Kg metalized polyester pack