VamLiv Forte

Herbal liver Tonic for Better Feed Utilization & Protection from Liver Disorders

VamLiv Forte is a scientific combination of hepatostimulant, hepatoprotective; antihepatotoxic and hepatoregenerative herbs blended with Vitamin B12 that enhances liver functions and protect birds from variable liver assaults.


  • Better growth, production and FCR
  • Potentiating of Liver functions
  • Countering damaging effects of exo & endogenous toxins.


Liquid (per day per 100birds)
  • Chicks - 5ml
  • Growers - 10ml
  • Layers/Broilers Finishers-20ml
  • Administer by mixing in morning drinking water.

250gm per tonne of feed

  • Ensure through mixing in feed
  • Recommended for use during pelletization.


Available in 5 ltr HDPE container & 10 kg poly pack.