Uterotone Liquid

The Complete Uterine Medicine Enriched with Copper and Iron

Just after calving
  • Timely expulsion of placenta
  • Proper cleansing of uterus
  • Timely involution of uterus
  • Timely oestrus and conception

Retention of placenta
  • Facilitates expulsion of retained placenta
  • Prevents uterine infection

Metritis & Pyometra
  • Fights uterine infections by improving local uterine immunity
  • Removes debris & infections by initiating uterine contractions

Post partum Anoestrus & Repeat Breeding

  • Stimulates uterine cleansing and secretion of PGF2a
  • Induces regression of Corpus luteum (CL)
  • Promotes oestrus & conception
  • Prepares uterus for implantation of zygote

  • Ensures thorough cleansing of uterus post parturition
  • Ensures timely expulsion of placenta
  • Facilitates expulsion of retained placenta
  • Ensures timely estrous and conception
  • Treats metritis, endometritis, pyometra, anoestous and repeat breeding.