Rumento Plus-Rumino

Appetite stimulant & Digestive tonic with values of hepatotonic hebs


Hepatostimulant, hepatoprotective and hepatoregenerative action.

Stimulates salivary secretions

Optimizes ruminal contractions

Enhances growth and viability of rumen microflora

Increases secretion of gastric juices.


Treats inappetance, indigestion, dyspepsia and impaired digestive functions

In case of debility and convalescence

As regular health tonic to boost health and productivity

As supportive therapy along with antibiotics and antiprotozoals

For correction of liver dysfunction


In cow and Buffalo 15 gm

In calf & Pig 5- 7.5 gm

Sheep and Goat: 3- 5 gm


RUMENTO PLUS can be administered orally with gur as bolus or with molasses as electuary once or twice daily.

As a digestive tonic and the dose should be administered at least for 7 days continuously. A course of 7 days in a month should be followed for good digestive health and better productivity.