Cattle feed supplements

Research Development

Research & Development:

Research and development forms the backbone of the company. The research and development activities are solely devoted for the development and production of high quality, safe and cost effective animal health care products. In order to achieve this goal, the company strongly promotes joint research activities with academic institutions, government recognized organizations and undertakes clinical trials with veterinarians time to time, to constantly monitor the efficacy of the products.As a part of its mission, the company gives due importance to quality assurance at all the steps during product development and manufacturing.

R&D follows stringent quality control measures for product development. The key ingredients for quality procedures are:

»»  Selection of quality raw materials meeting the specifications
»»  Scientific processing of raw materials to retain its value
»»  Pharmacological and toxicological evaluation of each ingredient
»»  Adoption of most modern instrumentation techniques for product development and formulation
»»  Stringent quality control measures during product manufacturing.

Research & Development   Research & Development   Research & Development