Research and Development is a continuous exercise focused towards upgradation of products to superior technologies, thereby increasing the yield and the life span of the product for clients.Which is why we are so proud of our R&D Centre at Sara Industrial Estate, Dehradun, Uttrakhand.

Vamso Biotec's R&D uses State of The Art Technologies to develop new Herbal molecules/Product as well as Innovative and optimized processes for our existing products.

Ultra-modern infrastructure and our highly qualified talent pool like qualified Ayurvedic doctors, engineers and chemists who research the active ingredients in medicinal herbs, have helped constantly keeps focus on economic viability, robustness and scalability of processes.


  • »» Identification of easily available herbs with high therapeutic value.
  • »» Formulation of new products and upgrading existing products.
  • »» Pharmacological studies.
  • »» Clinical trials on new products.
  • »» Selection of the perfect herbal ingredients for various medicines.
  • »» Identification and gradation of herbs according to their protective and curative properties.
  • »» Helping the production units of the Company to operate more efficiently, conserve energy and optimise resources.
  • »» Procurement inspection.
  • »» Pre-shipment inspection.
  • »» Inspection during production.
  • »» Quality testing and analyses of product as per country's specific standards/international standards.
  • »» Regular Training & Internal Audit based on HACCP principles of Food Safety Management Systems.
  • »» Microbiological evaluation, work environment and effectiveness of cleaning & sanitation systems of process premises.

Our commitment is to deliver authentic and effective Ayurvedic remedies that are affordable. For this purpose, the Company has set aside substantial funds to be invested in R&D projects.

And thats just the beginning... we plan to introduce herbal medicines in newly emerging therapeutic segments, including diabetology, cardiovascular diseases and hepatology. Although these segments are growing rapidly, at present there are no herbal remedies available for such diseases.

Total Quality Management

Vamso Biotec is universally respected for the quality of its products. TQM ensure that only the best raw materials go into the making of every product. Herbal ingredients are thoroughly analysed to select the materials of the highest grade. In-process quality management maintains the right process parameters. The finished product is also subjected to extensive quality control tests which it must pass through before it is packed. This extensive quality management has earned the company the GMP certification.

Vamso Biotec has a well-established Quality Assurance and Control Systems. All major in-process controls are monitored, checked and counter-checked by vigilant quality assurance executives.

The company's commitment to Quality is demonstrated by regular monitoring and reporting by means of the internal Audit Program, Training, Trend Analysis, Validations and Qualification.

Laboratory facilities:

  • ✓ Segregated lab areas for different testing processes.
  • ✓ Area Fully controlled by HEPA filters and AHUs.
  • ✓ Lab are designed to avoid cross contaminations.
  • ✓ Variable Air changes depending on requirement.
  • ✓ Large number of safety hoods and fume hoods are provided.
  • ✓ Labs designed as per CODEX guidelines.


  • ✓ Test Active Herbal Ingredient& Phytochemical profile by HPLC.
  • ✓ Water soluble& Fat Soluble vitamins , Minerals by UV/ HPLC.
  • ✓ Complete Physio-chemical analysis.
  • ✓ Complies Batch to Batch qualityby HPLC.
  • ✓ Microbiological evaluations.
  • ✓ Microbial Sensitivity evaluation.
  • ✓ Shelf life studies both Accelerated and Real time.
  • ✓ Packaging Material evaluations as per EU directives.
  • ✓ Pesticide Analysis.
  • ✓ In vitro test facility.

Quality Systems:

  • ✓ ISO 9001-2015
  • ✓ FAMI-QS
  • ✓ GMP

Technologies deployed:

  • ✓ HPLC, UV vis, KF , Potentiometer, BOD, COD, Laminar, Autoclave, Auto moisture Balance, Auto refractometer, Stability Chamber etc.
  • ✓ All equipments are networked for integrity of operations.

Library Collection:

  • ✓ The library comprises of specialized collection of books on Active Herbal ingredients, Markers, pharmaceutical sciences, pharmaceutical market reports, theses & dissertations, newspapers, etc. The library subscribes to international and national print journals in the field of Ayurvedic / Herbal pharmaceutical and allied sciences for research scholars.