A Natural Dual Action Prolapse Medicine


  • Helps in shrinkage of the prolapsed organ which helps to put the organ back to its anatomical position

  • Increases the uterine muscle tone and strengthens uterus , thus reduces the chances of recurrence

  • Safe for pregnant animals

  • Effective in both pre- partum and post- partum prolapse


  • Vaginal Prolapse

  • Uterine prolapse


Wash the prolapsed organ aseptically and dry up with the clean cloth. Apply 20 gm of Prolapse- In powder mixed with glycerine on the prolapsed organ and insert it gently.

5 tabs of Prolapse- In should be given twice daily for orally with butter or ghee for three days with laxative diet.

Packing: 5xI6 tablets box with 20 gm powder