Herbal Liver Tonics for Pets

Petliv is specially designed for pets that potentiates, protects and rejuvenates hepatic cells to cope up with various liver assaults. Petliv contains hepatoprotecttive, hepatostimualnt and anti-hepatotoxic herbs to boost liver functions at all stages of life. It also contains silymarin, a polyphenolic flavonoid derived from Silybum marianum which is a very effective herb in the treatment of viral hepatitis and cirrhosis.

  • Protects liver from variable known and unknown assaults
  • Boosts hepatic functions for better growth
  • Rejuvenates sluggish hepatic cells


  • In case of in appetence, anorexia and irregular appetite.
  • To assist in treatment of hepatic dysfunctions
  • As supportive during disease therapy to rejuvenate hepatic cells
  • As growth promoter in pups
  • As supportive in convalescence and debility

Puppies    : 1-2ml twice daily
Small Breeds    : 2.5-5ml twice daily
Medium Breeds: 5-10ml twice daily
Large & Giant Breeds: 10-15ml twice daily
Kittens        : 0.25ml twice daily
Cats        : 0.5-1 ml twice daily

Available in 30ml & 100ml amber colored PET bottle.