Mastodin Gel

Anti Mastitis Topical Herbal Gel

  • Potentiates udder immunity,
  • Provide antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property
  • Effective against variable etiological agent
  • Safe and convenient to apply
  • Excellent Tissue penetration
  • No milk with holding
  • No antibiotic residue in Milk
  • Free from resistance development

  • Treatment of sub-clinical mastitis
  • Co- Therapy in clinical Mastitis
  • As prophylactic for control of Mastitis
  • To reduce inflammation of Udder
  • To provide relief from udder pain & discomfort
  • To restore milk production , post mastitis.

Clean the udder & teats aseptically and wipe dry & gently apply Mastodin gel twice a day, post milking for 3-5 days.

50gm & 125gm lami tube pack