Antistressor, Immunomodulator & rejuvenator for Pets

Imugen is a polyherbal formulation embodied with the values of antistressor, immunomodulator and rejunvenating herbs like Withania somnifera,Ocimum sanctum,Phyllanthus emblica and Mangifera indica. It also contains shilajit, a mineral pitch which boost the immune system and optimizes physical performance.

  • To improve vaccination response
  • To improve general immunity
  • To overcome various stress conditions like separation, ownership change, climate and environmental change, vaccination, exhaustion disease, estrus, whelping, lactation, pseudo-pregnancy etc.
  • As a supportive with disease therapy for an early recovery
  •  To improve vigor, vitality, libido and fertility.

Puppies :1-2ml twice daily
Small breed :2.5-5ml twice daily
Medium breeds 2.5-5ml twice daily
Large & Giant Breeds: 10-15ml twice daily
Kittens : 0.25ml twice daily
Cats: 0.5-1ml twice daily
The dosage to be supplemented regularly at least for 10 days.

Available in 30ml & 100ml amber colored PET bottle.