Skin & Coat Conditioner for Pets

EFAPet is an oral nutritional supplement which assists in keeping pet skin and coat healthy. EFAPet is a scientific formulation containing essential fatty acids (EFAs), skin vitamins and selenium that boost skin health and provides lustrous sheen to the hair coat.


  • To provide luster to the hair coat
  • To improve skin condition
  • To control hair shedding
  • To assist recovery from allergies, mange, fungal and other dermatologic conditions.

  • Puppies : 0.5ml per 2kg body weight twice daily
  • Small Breeds : 1.25-2.5ml twice daily
  • Medium Breeds: 2.5-5ml twice daily
  • Large & Giant Breeds: 5-10ml twice daily
  • Cats : 0.5ml per 2 kg body weight twice daily
  • To be given orally or mixed with food.

Available in150ml HDPE bottle.