Appetite stimulant and Digestive Health Tonic with Nervine digestive Stimulation


  • Stimulates salivary secretions

  • Optimizes ruminal contractions

  • Enhances growth and viability of rumen microflora

  • Increases secretion of gastric juices


  • Treats inappetance, indigestion, dyspepsia and impaired digestive functions

  • In case of debility and convalescence

  • As regular health tonic to boost health and productivity

  • As supportive therapy along with antibiotics and antiprotozoals


  • Cow and Buffalo 40- 50 gm

  • Calf 20- 30 gm

  • Sheep and Goat: 10- 15 gm

Catone can be administered orally twice daily for 3 days with jaggery. As a digestive tonic the dose should be administered at least for 7 days continuously.

Packing:100 gm, 200gm, 400gm & 1Kg triple layer metalized pack.