Catcough Electuary

Fine Cough Electuary with Immunomodulatory Properties


  • Possesses immunomodulatory property

  • Increases the motion frequency of cilia to promote muco cilliary clearance

  • Reduces inflammation and soothens the respiratory tract

  • Enhances alveolar ventilation by preventing vasoconstriction

  • Liquifies and expectorates the mucous

  • Cough, Cold and Coryza, nasal catarrh
  • Pharyngitis, Laryngitis tracheitis, Bronchitis
  • Adjunct to Pneumonia


  • Cow& Buffalo: 25-30gms
  • Sheep & Goat 10-15 gm
  • Dose should be given thrice daily orally for 3 days.
  • In acute conditions, 5g of camphor may be added per 100 g of Catcough to enhance its effect by synergistic action.


100gms and 250 gms and 1 Kg pack