Calmin Forte

1.      2.      is a goodsource of Vitamin-B Complex and concentrated protein including all essentialamino acids.

3.      “Brewer’sYeast” helps in maintenance of reproductive health and productivity.

4.      5.     



Large Animal:30- 50 g

SmallAnimal: 15- 30 g

Poultry:250 g/ 100 Kg of feed.

To be mixedwith Feeds/ Concentrates. In animals feed mixing ratio is 1 Kg/Quintal of feed.



200g Pack,

1 Kg Pack,

2.5 Kgpack,

5 Kg Pack,

25 Kg Pack.


Scientific Backup:

·        Agril.Tech Management Agency, AGRA)


·        30g of Calmin Forte was fed for 6 months to calves and heifers and improvement inbody wt was noticed by 33.75 % in buffalo calves, 32.63% in cattle calves.(Dr.J.L Singh, Assoc Professor,Dept of Clinical Medicine, G.B.P.U.A.&T.Pantnagar)